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Available to 16-74 year olds, with or without children

Choose to invest either £25 a month or £270 a year

Open a Family Bond without affecting your ISA allowance limit

Take advantage of life cover included with your plan

Give yourself something big to look forward to

That dream holiday or big birthday celebration might feel out-of-reach for now, but we all need something to look forward to. That’s where long-term, low-cost, tax-exempt savings plans come in.

With our Family Bond, your money is invested for at least 10 years. You choose exactly when it becomes available when you open the Family Bond, so you could set it to mature on a milestone birthday or perhaps the date you plan to retire, as long as it's at least 10 years away.

Your money is invested in a fund that buys stocks and shares so the final value of the bond will depend on how the fund performs.

因为它是一个长期的计划, you'll pay in a small amount monthly or a lump sum yearly so you can make saving regularly fit within your budget.

Choose to invest either £25 a month or a simple lump sum of £270 once a year.

Family Bond

What you need to know about Family Bonds

A Family Bond is a simple and tax-efficient way of regularly investing money over the long term. You can choose to invest £25 a month or £270 a year.

As long as you keep up payments and keep your money invested for at least 10 years, you won’t pay tax on the proceeds.

Our Family Bond also comes with some life cover, which pays out 75% of the total payments you're due to make, as long as you've kept regularly paying in.

There is an annual management charge of 1.95% for Family Bonds. For all other charges please see the key information document.

Family Bond

Why invest in a 银河贵宾app下载手机版-apple app store-银河贵宾app下载手机版苹果版v1.2.3-银河排行榜 Family Bond?

  • We make a difference
    Since 2015 we've awarded over £4.75 million* to our customers and communities
  • Great customer service
    87% of customers who contact our UK-based call centre are happy with the service they received*
    *Customer research carried out October through December 2021
  • Experienced and trusted
    We've over 45 years' experience in helping families make the most of their money, looking after £7.3 billion for more than 2 million customers in the UK**
    **As at December 2021
  • 银河贵宾app下载手机版-apple app store-银河贵宾app下载手机版苹果版v1.2.3-银河排行榜 Membership
    By taking out a Family Bond policy with us you'll become a member of 银河贵宾app下载手机版-apple app store-银河贵宾app下载手机版苹果版v1.2.3-银河排行榜. This will give you access to a range of member benefits, including discounts on shopping, days out, electronics and much more. ***
    *** New Family Bond policy holders will receive an email inviting them to register for their member benefits after their 30 day cancellation period is complete.

How to open a 银河贵宾app下载手机版-apple app store-银河贵宾app下载手机版苹果版v1.2.3-银河排行榜 Family Bond

  • 1

    Check a Family Bond is right for you

    Read the fund documentation below, Key Information document and Important Information Booklet

  • 2

    Choose your payment term

    Decide how long you want to invest for – between 10 and 25 years

  • 3

    Apply online

    Click 'Apply online' to complete the simple, 10-minute application form

  • 4

    Access your money!

    As long as you've kept up payments, you won't pay tax on the money you withdraw at the end of the fixed term

One simple investment option

  • The 银河贵宾app下载手机版-apple app store-银河贵宾app下载手机版苹果版v1.2.3-银河排行榜 Family Bond invests in our Family Global Fund.
  • This fund invests in stocks and shares which means there's good potential for your money to grow over the long-term but, as with all investing, there is a risk its value could go down and you could get back less than you've paid in.

Family Global Fund

A mix of different investments to help you save for the long-term

This fund invests your money into fixed interest bonds, property, company shares and cash to help reduce your risk of loss and see moderate growth over the long-term.

  • Avg. yearly
    Average yearly returns
  • Fund
    Total invested
  • Global
    Global investments

Risk rating

Lower Higher

*Performance is over 5 years and includes all charges payable. Please remember that past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance.

You can find out more about this fund in our Key Information Document and Fund Factsheet

Apply online

Other ways to apply for a Family Bond

If you'd like more info request our pack here

You can also apply over the phone. Call us on: 01273 062555*

*Our Customer Call Centre is UK based and open from 9am-5:30pm weekdays. Calls may be recorded and monitored for training purposes. Call charges apply. These are dependent on your provider’s tariff and are likely to be more from mobile phones. For more information, please contact your provider. With business mobiles the cost will depend on your phone provider. If you’d like to know more, please ask your provider.

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