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Helping you through challenging times

We're here to help all our members, through the difficult times as well as the good.

Whether you're living with a physical or mental illness, a disability, or have experienced a sudden change to your circumstances and need a little help managing your account, there might be something that we can do to help you. Alternatively, we may be able to help you find the support you need.

Below we've listed some of the common circumstances where support may be required by our customers. Please click the links to see how you can get help.

Living through a bereavement

At 银河贵宾厅登录-银河澳门网-apple app store排行榜, we understand the impact losing a loved one can have, and recognise that bereavement affects everyone in different ways.

See bereavement support

Struggling to manage a policy or account

At 银河贵宾厅登录-银河澳门网-apple app store排行榜, we understand that some of our customers find phoning or writing to us challenging and that can make managing their account difficult.

Discover account support 

Money worries

We understand that sudden changes to your circumstances, such as the loss of income caused by a relationship breakdown or a lost job, or a recent diagnosis of a serious illness, can cause customers considerable concern and worry.

View money worries support 

Sight or hearing loss

At Onefamily we understand the challenges faced by customers with reduced sight or hearing. That's why we have a range of options to help customers get the information they need.

View Sight or hearing loss support

Other health issues and disabilities

At 银河贵宾厅登录-银河澳门网-apple app store排行榜, we recognise that many customers benefit from support to overcome the impact of a physical or mental illness or a disability, including reduced mobility or dyslexia - even if the impact is only temporary.

See health issues and disabilities support

Financial abuse

Financial abuse can happen to anyone, whatever age or gender. It is more common that you may think and can take many forms.

View Financial abuse support